Midwest Focused & Built for Entrepreneurs

Rock River Capital was born in the midwest because the next decades of great companies and returns will happen here. We strive to find great entrepreneurs that believe in the midwest as well and want to partner in building billion dollar companies.

We are industry agnostic, but look for a technical disruptor to the industry. Our bias is for that disruptor to be software related and more often than not, include a data analytics component. We feel that software and data is the oil running under every industry. 

Deal Structures

We typically invest in early stage companies who are just starting to show product/market fit. Opportunistically we will look at earlier stage, pre-revenue companies where we feel we can add value and grow with the entrepreneur. Our typical check size is $1M-$2M for our initial investment.

We preferred to lead the round so we can structure terms that are entrepreneur friendly and prepared to encourage follow on funding from later stage venture capital. We would rather create terms the encourage the growth of a great company versus terms that protect for the downside.

Follow On Support

Rock River Capital reserves up to half of its capital for follow on financing. As your company progresses we will continue to lead your investment rounds if needed with co-invest partners or invest alongside later stage venture firms. We continue to support from the board of directors and in any other way we can. Both partners at Rock River Capital have significant operational experience as CEOs and institutional investors. Whether growing your company or eventually exiting, Rock River Capital will be there to support.